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How to Contribute

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There are many ways you can contribute to the Axiom Open Source project. While writing code may seem like the only choice there are other ways to contribute if you don't feel writing code is best for you. Please see the list below for options on how you can contribute.


Use Cases

Use the engine in new ways, see if it works or not. Then write about it in the forums or wiki.

Peer Review

Review specs, designs, architectures, user interfaces, and code and provide feedback


Provide any kind of testing assistance – including usability testing


Create documentation where it is missing or lacking


Translate not only documentation but also web sites, wikis, etc


Create new features or plug-ins

Forum Help

Learn how to use the engine and then help out people who are new to the project

Bug Fixes

Take bug tickets from the Trac tool and fix them


Perform soak testing, load testing etc and publish the results

Configuration Diversity

Test and use the engine in less common configurations

Tell the world

Use press releases, blogs, twitter, conference presentations, barcamps etc to let people know that you are using Axiom and that it works for you.

Building and packaging

Build the engine for your platform and make it available

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