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Building Axiom

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Building via an IDE

Get the souce from SVN Stable : Unstable:

Build & Run

  • 1) use your favorite IDE to open the Project in {axiomroot}/Projects
  • 2) build the project.
  • 3) copy the native libraries from the \Dependancies\Native\{platform} folder into the output directory
  • 4) Copy the EngineConfig.xml file from the root directory into the output directory
  • 5) run

[Note: VS C# Express users: You cannot change the build type in the express editions. It is automatically determined by the way in which you invoke the compiler. By using the F5 key (build & debug) or Debug->Run menu option, it will do a Debug Build, if you just build ( CTRL-SHIFT-B ) Then it will perform a release build.]

[Note: DirectX Users: The lastest version in SVN requires (at least) the September 2011 SlimDX SDK, make sure you install it before openening the solution and trying to compile.]

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